TheBoy No.4

阿倫的英文名字是 Dustin,因為一直很想為自己拍攝紀念,才透過人良土兀Line官方帳號和我聯繫上,稍微簡單瞭解後安排試鏡日期碰面。雖然體型偏瘦,但本人沒有想像中的單薄,而且聲音跟我一樣低,大概是像三金頒獎典禮中司儀的低音,講起話來也是一個害羞的男孩。

Having always wanted to have a photoshoot, Dustin contacted me though LINE and arranged a date for audition after some brief discussion. Slender as he is, Dustin is not as thin as I thought; moreover, he also has a husky voice like I do. His voice is as low as the kind of voice we would hear from a MC in an award ceremony. In the meantime, he’s quite a shy boy.


Through the eyes of a photographer, he can discern the other side of his models, which aren’t that ostensibly seen in their life. Shy as Dustin is, he exhibited toughness and fierce in front of the camera. Some audience said that Dustin looks quite similar to Chuck︎, the charismatic sailor, when they viewed these photos. I would say it has somehitng to do with how I interpret male bodies. Perhaps, both Dustin and Chuck share the same untamed nature. Let’s continute fathoming male nude photoshoot.

JAO:你健身多久了?練腹肌有什麼訣竅嗎? Dustin:我沒有特別上健身房,大概是三年前開始在家健身的。我自己是常常無聊時就讓肚子用力,想到就一直出力ㄍㄧㄥ著,然後也蠻常做仰臥起坐。

JAO:你這樣回答會被大家揍啦!還是你從以前腹肌就天生比較明顯嗎? Dustin:也沒有欸,我國小有點微胖,是因為告白失敗才參加田徑隊,之後才瘦下來。

JAO:在男體攝影裡,你認為顏值、身材和作品質感三者之間的順序如何? Dustin:質感、顏值再來身材。因為我會想要去讓你拍就是因為你的作品看起來都很有質感,顏值大概就是會留下我眼球的武器,身材我覺得勤練其實就不會差了,算是大家都可以有的東西。

JAO:How long have you been working out? Any tips to share in terms of abs training? Dustin:I didn’t go to the gym. I started working out at home about three years ago. I constantly do sit ups and I squeeze my belly whenever I’m free.

JAO:You make it sound so unbelieveably effortless. Is it possible that you have rather obvious abs since you were little? Dustin:Not really. In fact, I was quite chubby during elementary school. I participated in the track team after a failed admiration, then I got thinner.

JAO:Appearence, body figure and quality of photos, what’s your priority? Dustin:Quality, appearance then body figure. The quality of your works is the reason that I want you to be my photographer. Appearance definitely can attract my attention though. As to body figure, I think that’s something everybody obtains as long as he works out a lot.

JAO:你平常會跟朋友聊關於性事的話題嗎?或是要熟識到怎樣程度的朋友才有辦法聊? Dustin:我好像有點雙重性格,不熟的講到一點點我就會害羞,但比較熟的都是我在開話題的,哈哈。

JAO:那你都會聊一哪類的話題呢? Dustin:我比較愛問別人的床事😅,比方說哪些姿勢會比較舒服,或是朋友有什麼新的挑逗方式,哪些片子很值得分享的也會大肆放送。

JAO:性的哪一個環節是你最重視的?戴套、姿勢、場所、氛圍、爽度、清潔,依重視程度排序。 Dustin:清潔、氛圍、場所、戴套、爽度再來是姿勢。我喜歡乾乾淨淨的人,最好身體要香香的。

JAO:用下列哪一種音樂曲風來比喻你的性慾強度最貼切?重金屬、搖滾樂、電子樂、古典樂。 Dustin:古典樂。有時沈靜有時澎湃。

JAO:Do you talk about sex with your friends? To what extent of closeness do they need to be? Dustin:I think there’s a huge contrast of me regarding that issue. I get so shy when talking to unfamiliar friends even if we barely touch the subject, on the other hand, I’m usually the one bringing up sex when talking to close friends.

JAO:What kind of topics do you talk about? Dustin:I’m curious about people’s sex life. I would ask what kind of position do they find comfortable, novel ways to seduce guys and porns.

JAO:Which part in sex do you stress? Wearing condomns, position, location, atmosphere, level of satisfaction, hygiene. Order them from the most important to the least important. Dustin:Hygiene, atmosphere, location, wearing condomns, level of satisfaction and finally positionl. I like people to be clean, it’s even better if they smell good.

JAO:What kind of music would you use to describe your lust for sex? Heavy metal, Rock&roll, Classical music and EDM. Dustin:Classica music, where there’s silence and climax.

JAO:你比較偏好哪一類型的色情片? Dustin:日本的都喜歡😶,運動的或是偷偷弄的,偷偷弄的會不會很難懂?哈哈,就是對方感覺不知道或是有點強迫的那類型,都會讓我覺得有另一種興奮感。

JAO:有曾經期待過台灣製作的色情片嗎? Dustin:還好耶,可能是我也不會太常看吧,但感覺講中文會有點沒feel,還是日語比較誘人。

JAO:如果你的好朋友想參與色情片演出,你第一時間的想法是什麼?是贊成還是反對?為什麼呢? Dustin:如果是興趣我會支持他,但是單純賺錢就可能會反對。哈哈,興趣的話也太詭異。

JAO:What kind of porn do you prefer? Dustin:Japanese porn. Athletic ones and the ones involve sneaky attempts. To be more precise, sneaky attemps are like conducting sexual conduct without the other half knowing or force sex. It really turns me on.

JAO:Have you ever fantasized Taiwanese porn? Dustin:Not really, I don’t normally watch Taiwanese porn, plus, it’s more seductive listening to Japnese compared with Mandarin.

JAO:What if your friends want to take part in porngraphy? Would you agree or disagree? Why? Dustin:If that’s his interest, I would support him. If he’s doing it only out of money, then I would be opposed to it. With that being said, who really has an interest in taking part in pornography? That’s a bit weird.

JAO:作品發佈後,面對輿論一定會有正負兩面的評價,你會怎麼面對「為了想紅而脫」這類型的指教? Dustin:我不太會去理會批評,因為我去拍的原因不是為了想紅,我覺得用照片幫自己留念是最好的紀念方式,因為如果脫就能紅的話,那我想紅人會超多。

JAO:這組作品和Instagram生活中的你在氣質上有明顯差異,作品中的你氣場比較強,會比較像在床上表現的樣子嗎? Dustin:你這麼一問好像真的是耶,在床上時感覺我蠻侵略性的。


JAO:你會用什麼個人故事或心得感想,來和你的朋友分享這一組作品? Dustin:可能會是「另一個個性的我」吧。我都跟朋友說拍攝過程比我想像的還要不可怕,因為在拍照前我壓力真的蠻大的,很擔心自己表現不好被你罵,但其實整個過程很舒服自在,完全是我腦補太多😂。

JAO:你有可能會把這次的參與拍攝,列為年度重要回顧事件的候選之一嗎?為什麼? Dustin:當然會,其實我參與拍攝這件事我算是跨出了蠻多勇氣,因為身旁沒有朋友做過,所以我想要試試看,我喜歡嘗試我不敢或是沒做過的事。

JAO:There will always be positive and negative comments toward an artwork. What do you react to comments such as “Nudity to gain fame”? Dustin:I would ignore them, because that was not my intention at all. I wanted to leave some records of myself, and I couldn’t think of better ways to do so than photos. If people can get famous simply by displaying their nuditiy, there’ll be celebrities everywhere.

JAO:You displayed strong vibe and fierece in the photots we took, which is hugely different comapered with your instagram photos. Is this what you might look like when you’re having sex? Dustin:Dustin:Now that you mention it, I think you’re maing a point. I’m quite aggressive during sex.

JAO:Could you sepcify how “aggressive” you’re during sex? Dustin:Gosh, I’m way to shy to give you the details. All I could say is I’m really aggressive.

JAO:How would you share the photos with your friends, and how would you elaborate on them? Dustin:Probably “The other side of me.” I told my friends that the photoshoot was much less scarier than I had imagined. Probaly because I was so stressed out, worrying about you might chew me out if I didn’t rise to the occasion. But I was definitely overthinking it, the process was free and easy.

JAO:When looking back this year, do you think this photoshoot would be one of your memorable moment? Dustin:Absolutely. I actually plucked up a lot of courage to participate in this photoshoot. None of my friends have ever done anything like this. I enjoy doing things I don’t dare to do or I’ve never tried before, that’s why I took the shot.

Model: Dustin ︎
Translator:Jonathan Lin ︎

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