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TheBoy No.2

Portfolio, Boy

Jun 的 Instagram 上由許多旅行風景排列成一片明亮色調的照片牆,看上來是個清新靦腆的男生。不過,來到漆黑的影棚拍攝現場,情慾總能讓人顯露出原始的一面,才第一 cut 的拍攝,可能拍攝行為會帶給人某種層度的感官刺激,從觀景窗看出去的內褲上已經有一小點深灰色的水漬,使鏡頭下的 Jun 自動去除了那層有色濾鏡,原本清澀的模樣漸漸能自然擺弄姿色。白天政治正確彬彬有禮的形象,恰好與夜晚的性慾背道而馳,助長慾望的元素本身是政治不正確的東西,我認為每個人在性慾裡會產生另一種平常看不見的人格特質,或許我們能透過關注自己「性」的運作、拍攝私人情慾紀錄能更認識自我淺在的特質。

Jun’s Instagram profile, replete with bright scenic photos taken while traveling, gives people the impression that he’s a refreshing and shy boy. Nevertheless, it’s another story in the dark studio, where people tend to reveal their primitive side when aroused by lust and sex.

No sooner had the first shot ended than a little dark gray water stain could be seen on Jun’s underwear. Jun successfully broke the moral shackles; the previous shyness was gone, instead, he could naturally strike erotic poses that displayed his comeliness. His suave demeanor in daytime was completely opposite to the lust and sex he exhibited at night.

Traditional thinking is that whatever elements that evoke desire are politically incorrect, nevertheless, I believe that each individual shows the unseen characteristics lying under our daily façade when aroused by sex and lust. It is through closely examining how we react toward sex that we can have a better understanding of ourselves.

Date: Aug 2018
Editor: Wilson
Model: Jun
Photographer: Jao

Jun:是IG,應該是IG explore的部分,而且之前也有朋友提過你的作品。

JAO:當初怎麼會想報名拍攝呢?本來就有計畫要來台灣的行程嗎? Jun:因為當初曾拍過一次拍全裸,沒露點的照片。過程蠻樂在其中的,所以想再次體驗,而且也很喜歡你拍的風格。對,我本來就計畫要來台灣。

JAO:有和台灣人發生過性關係嗎?台灣和新加坡的男生有什麼不同? Jun:哈哈,有。我在新加坡跟在台灣都蠻受歡迎的XD,在app上常會有人敲我。台灣人相處起來比較輕鬆,在床上也很溫柔。

JAO:How do you get to know “JAO Chihwei” when you’re in Singapore? Jun:I discovered you through Instagram's explore page, and a friend of mine also told me about your work before.

JAO:Why did you sign up for the photoshoot? Were you planning on visiting Taiwan in the first place? Jun:I had one experience of being shot naked without showing my privates in the photo. I really enjoyed the process that I’d love to try it again, plus, I am fond of your style. Yes, I already had plans to go to Taiwan.

JAO:Have you had sex with Taiwanese before? What’s the difference between Taiwanese and Singaporeans? Jun:Yes, I have. I get quite a lot of message on apps. I think Taiwanese are more easy-going and they’re very gentle in bed.

JAO:嘗試拍攝全尺度的情慾寫真紀念,對你來說有什麼特別的意義嗎? Jun:主要是紀念我青春期的高峰吧,哈哈,另一部分當然是虛榮心作祟。


JAO:What does participating in an erotic nude photoshoot mean to you?
Jun:It’s mostly to commemorate my body when I’m still in my prime; I also did it out of vanity for sure.

JAO:Was it difficult to remain “hard” during the photoshoot?
Jun:Hahaha, not really, I get hard easily, sometimes for no reason at all. So, staying hard especially when I’m naked is not that difficult.

JAO:Do you get hard and excited when you see your own nude photos?
Jun:Yes, a bit, in my opinion, very often when we see the same sex, we objectify ourselves. But I'd be more turned on if it is someone else's hot body.

JAO:性在你的生活中佔了多少比重? Jun:蠻重的,現在這個世代對於性的態度要開放得多,加上科技發達,要找性愛很容易。對於同性戀來說,性的比重又比異性戀要來得更高。


JAO:How much proportion does sex account for in your life? Jun:Quite a lot. Because in this generation, we are more open about sex and it is also easier to have sex thanks to technology. I think sex plays an even more huge role in gay men’s lives compared with straight people.

JAO:Are there dramatic contrasts between you in your daily life and this series of photos? Jun:There's a really big difference between the photos and me. I think I’m introverted but not shy. In general, I prefer people to like my personality and what I like instead of just liking my body, and my hand is not always on my dick.

JAO:Do you have anything to share with us in terms of the process and the outcome of this photoshoot?
Jun:If you keep an open mind and try new things, you will discover parts of yourself that you never knew before.

Model: JUN
Photographer: JAO Chihwei ︎ Instagram
Translator: Jonathan Lin 林易徵 ︎ Instagram © 2018 All rights reserved.
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