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News, Casting
Date: April-20-2018
Where: New York City 
When: May - June 2018
Hi guys, I am going to New York city in the end of May. I have several special projects that I am looking for couple guys to shoot with. Remember, you don’t need to be models! As long as you are male and over 18, you are more than welcome to join my projects. Most of the time, I usually do photoshoot. But you can also be in videos if you are qualified. Very easy for this casting call. Just shoot me an email or direct message on my Instagram attaching a minimum of 5 body pictures with your basic information (height, and weight). Within a week, if you are qualified for the project, you will receive my response. More details about the project will also be discussed at the same time.I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

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