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About JAO︎
About Photographer︎


1992 年生於臺灣新竹,工作室位於臺北。



JAO Chihwei is a photographer based in Taipei, Taiwan. He has come to realize that society has a skewered perception of pornography, one that is often associated with inferior people’s mindset and prevents them from being creative with pornography. Yet, sex is elegant, beautiful and imaginative regardless of whether it’s viewed through the lens of art or erotica. Jao intends to craft images through which he’s enabled to interpret pornographic ideas and to explain his thoughts on the value of sex.

Exhibition 展覽
2011 MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art
2012 National Student Art Exhibition
2015 30 Graphic Design in Taiwan Exhibition
2016 Jaochihwei Photography Exhibition
2017 Wonder Foto Day Exhibition

Honor 獎項
2012 National Student Art Awards
2013 ChanHua HuangSi Awards
2013 International  Art and Design Association
2017 Wonder Foto Day, Sponsor Award
2017 PX3 Fine Art-nudes, Honorable Mention

Selected Press 刊載
2012 Fashion Stage Magazine
2015 Singapore Encounters Magazine
2016 Dark Beauty Magazine 1 2
2017 JUKSY Exclusive Interview ︎
2018 Somewhere Magazine ︎
Speech 演講/授課
2016 TUT VCD
2016 HCU VCD
2017 KSU VCD
2017 HSU VCD
2017 NTUST LGBT Club - The are of male pornography
2017 NCKU LGBTIQ Club, Sodom's Cat, attend After-Screening Discussion
2018 Course - Male Photography I
2019 Course - Male Photography II
台南應用科大 視傳系
玄奘大學 視傳系
崑山科大 視傳系
玄奘大學 視傳系
台科大 酷兒同樂會社團
成功大學 TO 酷拉社 《索多瑪的貓》映後座談與談人
授課 - 人良土兀觀看男體的方式
授課 - 男體影像創作 


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About JAO︎
About Photographer︎


PAUSE 暫停,是影像凝結之意,而暫停符號以「 II 」表示,其中單個「 I 」具象徵男性器官。


PAUSE derives from the fragmental serials of the photographer JAO Chihwei on his official webpage; it now elaborates into a complete online portfolio. “PAUSE”, symbolized by “II”, is the suspension of image; besides, a single “I” indicates genesis, and male’s sex organ as well.